Best and Cheap European Sitefinity 8.2 Hosting

Best and Cheap European Sitefinity 8.2 Hosting

What’s Sitefinity?

Sitefinity is a content management system (CMS) designed and developed by Telerik, a multinational software vendor with several blue chip clients.

Sitefinity is an ‘industrial strength’ CMS designed for heavy duty use although lighter users such as one-person enterprises.

Best and Cheap Sitefinity Hosting

Sitefinity is highly customisable – although for this some web development skills would be required, as would knowledge of some languages such as Javascript, CSS and HTML. This customisation makes the CMS an ideal solution in that it combines the ease of a basic CMS with the full flexibility of a bespoke website design.

The CMS also provides inbuilt Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) while enabling you to customise basic meta-data such as the title and page descriptions. In today’s competitive market, business websites must ensure that they are optimised for search.

Another feature is the way Sitefinity makes websites fully accessible on other platforms such as tablets and smartphones. This is important as Google now incorporates this ‘ease of access for mobile devices’ into its page rankings, and more and more people access the web through their phone or tablet nowadays.

What’s New in Sitefinity 8.2?

The latest version of Sitefinity is 8.2. What’s new in Sitefinity 8.2?


  • Changing a site domain and not updating Analytics data generates an error in the error log that cause performance issue (FP)
  • Filtering the analytics dashboards by visitors, languages, devices, etc creates an error log (FP)
  • Navigating to Marketing->Analytics after having active analytics connection generates error log (FP)


  • Changing library root URL causes sitemap problems. (FP)
  • Widget Templates search doesn’t open the selected widget template. (FP)
  • The user activity is not updated when changing the user type from a backend to a frontend. (FP)
  • Replacing a picture with another one when using Azure blob storage provider cause an error “The specified blob does not exist” (FP)
  • Thumbnail Generation should not fail on missing file (FP)
  • Reordering: Generated duplicate ordinals (FP)


  • LDAP users do not see their names on comments. (FP)
  • Custom field of type “Number” with decimal places rounds the entered number (FP)


  • Fix for SQL Server behavior change introduced by Microsoft related to “select @@version” that DataAccess use to determine the version of the connected SQL Server. Your SQL server might be affected in case you have installed Cumulative Update package 7 for SQL Server 2012 Service Pack 2

Email Campaigns

  • Email campaigns are sent with wrong hyperlinks when The Host property is not set (FP)
  • Campaigns in Multilingual: Issue cannot be send if the page contains News widget with selected option <One particular news item only> (FP)

AuditTrail/Search – Elastic

  • Add failover support for Elastic clusters to eliminate single point of failure.


  • Shopping cart persists items between sites when they use the same domain
  • Navigating to a page with checkout widget with empty shopping cart throws Object reference
  • Shipping/Payment methods: translation status disappear when method is set to inactive
  • Requests to payment provider are always sent in the default currency (FP)
  • Overwrite the default ShoppingCartAdder (FP)


  • Events with timezone different than UTC will be shown incorrectly in iCal on iPhone devices (FP)
  • Exporting all day events to Google calendar/Outlook/ICal (FP)


  • Using webforms widget on a hybrid page based on Bootsrap template throws ScriptManager object is not set to a reference
  • Feather assemblies that come from official distributions are signed.Since version 1.3.300.1 all feather packages contains signed assemblies. We updates some of the packs on the and you might need to clear your NuGet cache in case you have already downloaded one of these packs.
  • Fixed issue with nuget ugprades of ResourcePackages when the folder and its content is not included in the csproj file.

Field Controls

  • Automatic migration of all TextFields of type NUMERIC and CURRENCY in order to continue to function properly after an upgrade to 8.1. Details: If you have a non-required custom field of type number after an upgrade to Sitefinity 8.1, leaving the field empty results in error “The value cannot be parsed as the type ‘decimal’” and the content item is not saved.


  • Forum attachments of posts/threads are not deleted (FP)
  • ForumsBreadcrumb: Selecting “Include full path starting from Home page” in the Forum widget designer doesn’t work in multisite environment

Inline Editing

  • Editing link is broken, when “Page from this site” option is selected and page from different site is chosen.


  • Add a configuration that allows to use frontend login page instead of backend login page.
  • Forms authentication doesn’t allow access to Sitefinity/Public and Sitefinity/Frontend to everybody.


  • Additional urls redirect to the default one option does not work correctly when configured for pages
  • External redirect pages are not listed in the navigation.
  • Wrong SiteMapNode Description in Multilingual (FP)

Module Builder

  • Moving configurations to database breaks the export of dynamic modules structure for modules created before configs are moved to database (FP)
  • Dynamic content items links are not resolved in search results after reindex (FP)
  • When exporting the dynamic content items Deleted items are also exported to the Excel file.


  • Page based on layout file will not be indexed if the Description and/or the Keyword properties are set
  • Html.RenderAction() throws and error when page is cached in some cases. (FP)


  • Location criteria doesn’t include the state of the City selected (FP)
  • Can not change the SEO title of personalized page(FP)


  • SiteSync, Multisite: Related media and related data items are not visible on target server if they are limited to only one item (FP)
  • Sync all sites skips the sites that are on the second page of the sites list (FP)


  • ScheduledTasks: LastExecutedTime is not set (FP)


  • Taxonomy synonyms are the same for all languages (FP)
  • Synonyms for tags do not appear in autocomplete (FP)
  • Tag synonyms doesn’t work when your synonym is more than one word(FP)
  • Deleting flat taxonomy synonyms throws an exception.
  • Deleting single tag synonym duplicates it.


  • Importing Xliff file with translation in Target section results in empty translation


  • File not found in jquery.ui.theme.css (images/ui-bg_flat_75_ffffff_40x100.png)
  • Hyperlink manager modal window has wrong styles
  • Getting resource throws an error – Object reference (FP)
  • Exposed DiscountCalculator
  • Improvements in Sitefinity installer and ProjectManager regarding trial installations of the product.

How to Choose Best and Cheap European Sitefinity 8.2 Hosting?

How to choose the best and cheap European Sitefinity 8.2 hosting? Choosing the best and cheap European Sitefinity 8.2 hosting is not a simple task especially with low price offers. You need to take a large number of factors into consideration, including the Sitefinity 8.2 compatibility, usability, features, speed, reliability, price, company reputation, etc. Therefore, we have established this Sitefinity 8.2 review site, which is designed to help you find the best and cheap European Sitefinity 8.2 hosting within minutes, based on our specialized editors’ Sitefinity 8.2 hosting experience and real customers’ feedback.

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