Best and Cheap UK ASP.NET Core 2.2.3 Hosting

.NET Core is an open-source, general-purpose development platform maintained by Microsoft and the .NET community on GitHub. It’s cross-platform (supporting Windows, macOS, and Linux) and can be used to build device, cloud, and IoTapplications.

ASP.NET Core is a cross-platform, high-performance, open-source framework for building modern, cloud-based, Internet-connected applications. With ASP.NET Core, you can: Build web apps and services, IoT apps, and mobile backends.

.NET Core vs .NET Framework

Microsoft maintains both runtimes for building applications with .NET, and they share many of the same APIs. This shared API is what is called the .NETStandard.

Developers use the .NET framework to create Windows desktop applications and server based applications. This includes ASP.NET web applications. .NET Core is used to create server applications that run on Windows, Linux and Mac. It does not currently support creating desktop applications with a user interface. Developers can write applications and libraries in VB.NET, C# and F# in both runtimes.

C# is an object-oriented language similar to other C-styled languages. The learning curve should not be a problem for developers already working with C and similar languages.

F# is a cross-platform language that also uses object oriented programming.

Visual Basic is available in .NET Framework with limited .NET Core support with .NET Core 2.0.

How to Find Best and Cheap UK Core 2.2.3 Hosting?

To find best and cheap UK Core 2.2.3 hosting provider that fully support Core 2.2.3 hosting is not easy task. So as the ASP.NET geeks who have many years experience, we are going to help you to find the best and cheap UK Core 2.2.3 hosting.

After reviewed 100+ affordable and reputable Windows ASP.NET hosting providers on their reliability, speed, price, technologies and technical support, we recommend UKWindowsHostASP.NET as the best and cheap UK Core 2.2.3 hosting provider. The following are the reasons why we choose UKWindowsHostASP.NET as the best and cheap UK Core 2.2.3 hosting provider.

Fully Supports The Lastest ASP.NET Version

All of their servers run the latest versions of ASP.NET so they will always be able to support your site. Finally, the long awaited release of Core 2.2.3, UKWindowsHostASP.NET is happy to announce the availability of the .NET Framework Core for all their hosting packages.

Cheap Core 2.2.3 Hosting Plan

UKWindowsHostASP.NET offers affordable price for all of Core 2.2.3 hosting plans. Customers can start their Core 2.2.3 site just from £1.00/mo. They are so confident that you will like their service, so they brave to offer a 30 day money back guarantee on hosting fees. Just cancel before 30 days, and they will refund your entire hosting fee. You can get cheaper price with their hosting promotion and free add-ons too, for more information just visits their official site at

Expert Core 2.2.3 Support Team

UKWindowsHostASP.NET pays much attention in offering unmatched technical support which is available 24 hours a day, and 7days a week. Unlike many other web hosting companies which outsource this part, they have its own support team consisting of professional technicians. All of these people are Microsoft certified, having deep knowledge about web hosting and rich experience in technical support. Therefore, once customers meet any problems, they can be provided with the best resolutions.

World Class Data Center

Their data centers located on United Kingdom (London). The Data Center is custom designed with raised floors. The Data Center is equipped with HVAC temperature control systems with separate cooling zones, seismically braced racks, advanced early smoke detection and fire suppression systems. Their Data Centers are supported by some of the most powerful physical security in the business. They have 24/7 video surveillance, security breach alarms and Biometric thumb print scanners at every entryway.

Developers Should Use .NET Framework When…

.NET Framework is what is distributed with Windows. Generally, it is used to build desktop Windows apps and large-scale enterprise applications using .NET workflow and data connection tools.

It provides services that include:

  • Memory management
  • Type and memory safety
  • Security
  • Networking
  • Application deployment
  • Data structures
  • APIs

It can be used with Docker and Windows Containers, and using it is most feasible when…

  • It is already being used. Instead of migrating, extend the application. For example, developers can write a new web service in ASP .NET Core.
  • You’re using third-party libraries or NuGet packages not available in .NET Core.While .NET Core is becoming more widely used, you’ll need to use the .NET Framework if you’re working with .NET Framework libraries that aren’t compatible. NuGet is the free and open source package manager for .NET and other Microsoft development platforms. The NuGet ecosystem includes client tools that provide the ability to produce and consume packages. It also has a central package repository for package authors and consumers. It is available as a Visual Studio extension.
  • You’re using technologies not yet available in .NET Core. It does not support all .NET Framework technologies. These not-yet-available technologies include:
    • ASP.NET Web Forms applications (no plans to port)
    • ASP.NET Web Pages applications (plans to port)
    • ASP.NET SignalR server/client implementation (plans to port)
    • WCF services implementation (no plans to migrate, but it is being considered)
    • Workflow related services (no plans to port) including Windows Workflow Foundation (WF), Workflow Services (WCF + WF in a single service), and WCF Data Services (formerly known as “ADO.NET Data Services”)
    • Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and Windows Forms (no plans to port)
    • Visual Basic and F# (both to be supported in Visual Studio 2017)
  • The platform does not support .NET Core. Again, not all Microsoft and third-party platforms support it, such as some of Azure’s services. Many plan on adding support eventually, however. You may encounter some issues even with supported services, which, as developers, you know comes with the territory. With .NET Core increasingly gaining traction, it’s becoming easier to find tutorials and workarounds for issues you may encounter. For instance, we encountered a 502.5 Process Failure when trying to start an Azure App Service and wrote up a post offering guidance for others who encounter the same issue.
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