Best Cheap European phpBB 3.3.9 Hosting

Best Cheap European phpBB 3.3.9 Hosting

phpBB package has been updated to version 3.3.9. phpBB is used by millions of people on a daily basis, making it the most widely used opensource bulletin board system in the world. Whether you want to stay in touch with a small group of friends or are looking to set up a large multi-category board for a corporate website, phpBB has the features you need built in.

phpBB is a free flat-forum bulletin board software solution that can be used to stay in touch with a group of people or can power your entire website. With an extensive database of user-created modifications and styles database containing hundreds of style and image packages to customise your board, you can create a very unique forum in minutes.

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When compared with other forum software on the market phpBB has clear advantages.  The number one advantage is the size of the user base and number of websites using phpBB.  With hundreds of thousands of websites using phpBB you can rest assured that the software is stable and solid – after all, if it wasn’t so stable the masses of websites currently using it would simply jump to another open source solution.  Because phpBB is more often than not a single component within a larger website the free styles and themes offered by the phpBB community make it easy for you to integrate into an existing website.

Currently there are over 163 free to download styles which can all be further customized based on color scheme to fit the existing look of your website down to the last detail.  If you are planning on reaching out to a global audience phpBB currently offers 47 language packs with support for most major languages on the web.  This also includes support for complicated languages with different character sets such as Arabic and Japanese.

Why Use phpBB?

If a forum sounds like the right choice for your website, you do have a few different options to choose from in selecting your software. But there’s a reason that phpBB is one of the most popular options—a good number of reasons in fact. In particular:

  • It’s free. Setting up a forum with phpBB costs nothing. You can save your money for hosting and marketing.
  • It’s open source. The code for phpBB is freely available to use and change as you need. And because it’s open source, other users can also develop features and extensions you can benefit from.
  • It’s secure. The team behind phpBB runs security audits and work to quickly release updates to the software anytime they spot a vulnerability in the code. As long as you keep your software up to date and take basic website security measures, like choosing a trusted web hosting provider and using strong passwords, you’ll be able to keep your website safe from hackers.
  • It enables user preferences. For your forum to attract the community you want and get them to stick around, you want it to be user friendly. phpBB allows individual users some control over their experience of the forum. For example, they can load unique avatars and signatures to personalize their accounts, and customize the order they view categories in.
  • It gives you the power of moderation. In our era of spam bots and trolls, a good community is a well moderated one. To keep your forum valuable, positive, and on topic, you need the power to review and approve the posts that go live. phpBB allows both the forum owner and any users you assign moderator status to the ability to remove or approve specific posts.
  • It offers public and private messaging options. Much of the value of a forum is the visibility of the conversations to all members, but sometimes individual members may want the ability to take part of the conversation private. phpBB allows the option of private messaging between members as well as public discussions.
  • It allows posters to include rich features. These days, online conversations are rarely just text. phpBB lets users complement their written messages with popular gifs, images, and emojis, as well as adding rich media like video or interactive features like polls.
  • It has anti-spam features. It’s hard to go anywhere online without encountering spam, but phpBB can help you avoid dealing with too much of it in your forum with features like captcha confirmation and the ability to ban users as needed.
  • You can customize your forum’s look. You can use your own coding skills to change up the design of your forum, if you’re able. Or you can choose from the hundreds of styles other phpBB users have developed and made available, mostly for free.
  • You can control permissions. Ther forum owner, administrators, and moderators will need different types of access and abilities in the forum than everyday users. phpBB makes it easy for you to determine which users are able to access which features.
  • There are lots of extensions available. The functionality available in the core phpBB software is rich enough, but many users have created extensions that add additional features and functions to phpBB, many of them for free. You can expand what you and your members are able to do, based on your priorities.

What’s New in phpBB 3.3.9?

Release highlights

  • Notable Improvements
    • Better info and support for PHP 8.0 and PHP 8.1: PHPBB3-16916 PHPBB3-17023 PHPBB3-17051
  • Notable Changes
    • Update Guzzle and other dependencies to latest versions: PHPBB3-17036 PHPBB3-17048
  • Notable Bugfixes
    • Missing youtube profile field stops update: PHPBB3-17019
    • Issue with sending email to users with special characters in username: PHPBB3-16932
  • Hardening
    • Reset login keys/session when resetting password: [SECURITY-274]

What Is phpBB Hosting?

phpBB • [RC] Platinum for phpBB 3.3.9phpBB hosting is a type of web hosting that’s compatible with the phpBB software. phpBB provides a lot of the important functionality you need to build a forum, but it doesn’t come with web hosting. For your forum to become available online and accessible to your members, you’ll need to invest in application web hosting.

If you already have a website, you may be able to get started by adding your phpBB forum to the hosting plan you already have, but if you didn’t choose an application web hosting plan specifically designed to work with phpBB, there’s a chance you’ll face compatibility issues.

A good phpBB web hosting plan will promise easy one-click installation, so you can spend your time focusing on getting your forum started, not on messing with complicated technical processes to get everything working.

How to Choose The Best Cheap European phpBB 3.3.9 Hosting?

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