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WordPress is, by far, the most popular open source Content Management System (CMS), used by approximately 75 million websites. WordPress is free to install, deploy, and upgrade. Thousands of plugins and templates power a flexible and simple interface, which reduces development costs and deployment time. The team at Fresh Consulting has many years of accumulated knowledge and resources to deploy high-quality websites using WordPress. Here are a few reasons why it’s our top choice for clients:

1. The most popular CMS in the world

WordPress holds the largest CMS market share by far, and currently accounts for over a quarter of all websites. As a result, many users are already familiar with the WordPress CMS, requiring less staff training when building a new site. CMS Market Share 2017

2. Open Source with room for expansion

WordPress can be self-hosted, so there are no costs associated with downloading, installing, and upgrading. There are more than 50,000 WordPress plugins (often free), such as slideshows, contact forms, SEO optimization, etc.

3. Highly customizable for great flexibility

WordPress is popular because it meets the demands of many users with its flexible framework, which allows designers and developers to create and modify layouts and applications. Coupled with user-generated extensions, websites are no longer limited by enterprise extensions.

4. Designed for anyone, not just developers

Before WordPress became a popular CMS for website development, it was developed for non-tech savvy bloggers. So, most of the user-interface components are easy to use, and there are written and recorded manuals available for easily learning how to use WordPress functions. Our team handles all the complexities of setting up and customizing your website; all you have to do is to update the content on pages, posts, widgets, etc.

5. Lower setup and maintenance costs

According to DeviousMedia, WordPress incurs fewer setup, customization, and maintenance costs in comparison to other Open Source CMS like Drupal and Joomla. Additionally, it is relatively easier to find WordPress designers and developers if more customization or development is necessary for the future. You don’t get locked down by a static website or proprietary CMS that is costly to tweak after initial development.

What’s New in WordPress 6.1

Twenty Twenty-Three – New Default Theme

WordPress 6.1 ships with a brand new default theme called Twenty Twenty-Three.
Twenty Twenty-Three new default theme in WordPress 6.1
Out of the box, this theme features a minimalist design that looks like a blank canvas and encourages you to bring your own style to the theme. It comes packed with 10 style variations that users can choose from inside the Site Editor. All of these styles are fully customizable using the site editor.
Twenty Twenty-Three styles
Twenty Twenty-Three also ships with four fonts that are used by different style variations. You can also use these fonts when writing posts or pages.
Twenty Twenty Three Typography
Twenty Twenty-Three can be a perfect starter theme for users who want to make a website using the block editor with their own styles and layouts.

Block Editor Changes in WordPress 6.1

The block editor is where users write content, create pages, and edit their themes. Each WordPress release comes with major improvements, new features, and enhancements to the block editor. Following are a few most noticeable changes in the block editor.

List and Quote Blocks Now Have Inner Blocks

One of the problems with bulleted lists was that if you wanted to move a list item up and down you had to manually delete and edit all the list items. WordPress 6.1 brings inner blocks for Quote and List blocks. Basically, each list item is its own block and you can move list items up and down.
Move list items up and down
The Quote block is now also divided into inner blocks. Now you can style quote and cite blocks differently.
Quote block

Featured Image in Cover Block

With WordPress 6.1, you can now select the featured image to be used for a cover block. After that, you can just set the featured image and it will start appearing inside the cover.
Featured image in cover block
Many beginners often confuse cover block and featured images. Hopefully, this will now allow them to just use cover block to display featured image for an article. Note: Depending on your theme, you may see the featuerd image appear twice. First, at the location where your theme displays the featured image and then as the cover block.

New & Improved Borders

WordPress 6.1 brings a lot of options to the design tools available for blocks. One of them is the more powerful border tool that is now available for several blocks. You can use set top, right, bottom, left borders separately, and give them different colors and sizes.
Advanced border controls for more blocks
Previously users were able to only select the border radius for the image block. Now with WordPress 6.1, you can set border color and size as well.
image border

More Padding and Margin Options

WordPress 6.1 brings ‘Dimensions’ tool to more blocks allowing users to set padding and margins.
Dimensions under block tools
Users will also be able to visualize their changes with neat visual hints.
Visualize padding and margin adjustments
You can also set margins for Spacer and Separator blocks, which allows you to create more spacious content layouts.

New and Improved Navigation Blocks

WordPress 6.1 now allows you to easily change background and text color for sub-menus.
Submenu colors
The Navigation now also allows you to easily choose a menu from the block toolbar or the sidebar panel.
Select menu

Editor Design Refinements in WordPress 6.1

WordPress 6.1 ships with some noticable refinements to Editor design. These changes clean up the interface and aim to improve user experience. Status & Visibility Panel Renamed to Summary The Status & visibility panel is renamed to Summary. Template and Permalink panels are now removed and merged into the Summary panel.
Moved items
You can click on the URL field to change the Permalink or Template name to change template. Here is how it looked in WordPress 6.0 vs WordPress 6.1.
Missing panels
Time to Read in the Information Panel The information panel now includes ‘Time to read’ information as well.
Improved information panel
Site Icon Replaces the WordPress Logo If you have set the site icon for your website, then it will be used as the View Posts button in the top left corner of the screen.
Site icon will be used as logo on editor screen
New Preferences Options The Preferences section for the block editor now includes two new options.
New preferences option
First, there is ‘Always open list view’ which shows the list sidebar by default for all articles. Then, there is ‘Show button text labels’ which replaces icons in toolbars with text labels.
List view and text labels in toolbars

Create More Templates in Site Editor

If you have used child themes with classic WordPress themes, then you may be familiar with the template heirarchy. With WordPress 6.1, users are now able to do the same using the block editor and without writing code. You can use the following templates regardless of which block theme you are using.
  • Single page
  • Single post
  • Indivdual term in a taxonomy
  • Individual category
  • Custom template (can be used for any post or page)
You can go to the Appearance » Editor page and then select templates from the left sidebar. After that, click on the Add New button to see the available options.
Site editor now has more templates
Choosing a template that can be applied to an individual item, will see bring up a popup. From here, you can choose the item where you want the new template to be used.
Create template for a single item
For instance, if you choose the Category template, then you’ll see a popup. Now you can select if you want to apply your new template for all categories or a specific category.
Create category template

Quickly Search and Use Template Parts

The site editor in WordPress 6.1 now makes it easier to discover and use template parts. For instance, if your theme had multiple template parts that can be used in the header, then you can simply click on the template part options and select Replace.
Replace template part
This will bring up a modal popup where you can look for available template parts that you can use.
Select template part

Quickly Clear Customizations in Site Editor

WordPress 6.1 now allows you to quickly clear customizations when working in Site Editor.
Quickly clear customizations

Under the Hood Changes in WordPress 6.1

WordPress 6.1 comes with several important changes for developers. Following are a few of these changes.
  • Classic themes can now use template parts
  • Fluid typography allows theme developers to dynamically adjust font sizes.
  • Post types can now have their own starter patterns
  • Filters to hook into theme.json data
  • Simplified data access with React hooks in WordPress 6.1
  • New is_login() function to for determining if a page is the login screen.

Best and Cheap WordPress 6.1 Hosting

The hosting provider that we mean is ASPHostPortal. Who and why ASPHostPortal? ASPHostPortal is one of the best web hosting in the world. Founded in 2008, this company managed by a strong team of web hosting experts. Here are several reasons why you can choose them as your WordPress hosting partner. To make it clear, we have worked out a comprehensive review of the feature, performance, customer service and pricing of this service.

Respected By The WordPress Community

ASPHostPortal is well-respected in the WordPress community, especially for their quick, helpful support. All hosting companies have good and bad customer experiences on the web review, but if you look at ASPHostPortal’s review mentions the majority of feedback is positive. WordPress 6.1 represents a leap forward toward modernizing the content management system. It empowers publishers who don’t know how to code to make changes to how the web page looks without having to know the code. The latest version of WordPress makes it easier for publishers to express themselves creatively. Some may decide to wait a few days before updating in case of bugs. But WordPress thoroughly tests each release so it may be safe to update now. The release methodology includes testing consecutively improved versions the release until the developers feel it’s ready to be used.

Cheap and Reliable WordPress 6.1 Hosting Provider

When it comes to choosing the best WordPress 6.1 Hosting, we’re bound and determined to find out which company is providing the most value. There are some major components that make up a great host in our opinion, and those are Performance, Knowledge, Speed, Reliability of Support, and Pricing and the overall product offering. After reviewing many WordPress 6.1 hosting provider, we highly recommend ASPHostPortal for your WordPress hosting solution. The following are some reasons why ASPHostPortal should be your choice.

Without further ado, was one of our top performers and is especially impressive considering the $5.00 price point for their startup WordPress 6.1 hosting plan. ASPHostPortal has been offering hosting services for more than 8 years and is a good option if you are looking for shared hosting. They offer great, reliable hosting at an incredibly good price that is hard to beat from a reputable company. Not only that ASPHostPortal also offers very reliable hosting with easy installation of WordPress 6.1, 24/7 support, and a long track record. – Fully Support WordPress

All of their servers run the latest versions of WordPress so they will always be able to support your site. All of their servers run the latest versions of WordPress so they will always be able to support your site. You will install the WordPress site for free. ASPHostPortal provides multiple server locations, free CDN and advanced caching options to make both yours and your customers’ experience with WordPress really fast and enjoyable. They also make sure that your WordPress website is safer and better supported than anywhere else. – Expert Support Team

Everything starts with impeccable support. The unmatched knowledge, experience, and dedication of their team truly make them stand out. They understand that people are the most important piece of the service they provide, and that is why they are at the top of the list. You’ll notice the difference the first time you talk to one of their WordPress experts. – Offers Affordable Price

ASPHostPortal offers affordable price for WordPress hosting plan. Customers can start their WordPress site just from $5.00/mo. They are so confident that you will like their service, so they brave to offer a 30-day money back guarantee on hosting fees. Just cancel before 30 days, and they will refund your entire hosting fee. You can get the cheaper price with their hosting promotion and free add-ons too, for more information just visits their official site at – World Class Data Center

Their data centers are strategically located around the country to provide their customers with the highest levels of availability, service, and support on the market. Their data centers located on the US (Washington & Seattle), Netherlands (Amsterdam), Singapore, Hong Kong, United Kingdom (London), Australia (Melbourne), France (Paris), Germany (Frankfurt), Italy (Milan), India (Mumbai). Each Data Center is custom designed with raised floors. Each Data Center is equipped with HVAC temperature control systems with separate cooling zones, seismically braced racks, advanced early smoke detection and fire suppression systems. Their Data Centers are supported by some of the most powerful physical security in the business. They have 24/7 video surveillance, security breach alarms and Biometric thumbprint scanners at every entryway.

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