Cheap European BlogEngine.NET 3.3 Hosting

Cheap European BlogEngine.NET 3.3 Hosting

BlogEngine.NET is an open source ASP.NET project that was born out of desire for a better blogging platform. BlogEngine.NET focused on simplicity, ease of use, extendibility and innovative design while taking advantage of the latest .NET features. BlogEngine.NET 3.3 went live today, here is what you need to know before you decide to upgrade.

BlogEngine.NET is very easy to setup and customize. To make it work, just upload the files to an ASP.NET 4.0 webserver and you’re ready to start writing. No database configuration, just plug ‘n play. BlogEngine.NET comes with all the features you would expect from a modern blog engine as well as new unique features such as AJAX comments and screenshot trackbacks.

To choose hosting provider that support BlogEngine.NET 3.3 is not easy task. We highly recommend ASPHostPortal for your BlogEngine.NET 3.3 hosting partner. Not only offer cheap price, but also expert BlogEngine.NET 3.3 support team. You feel free to host your great BlogEngine.NET 3.3 site with their great BlogEngine.NET 3.3 hosting service. The following are the reasons why you should choose ASPHostPortal as your BlogEngine.NET 3.3 hosting partner.

What’s New in BlogEnginet.NET 3.3?

Besides usual bug fixes and small improvements, this release is all about widgets. BlogEngine started as WebForms project, with widgets implemented as user controls. WebForms were great to transition desktop developers into the web, but later became obvious that its not ideal for stateless HTTP nature of the web, and ASP.NET joined the world of MVC. Ever since BlogEngine is slowly adopting, moving to Razor views, turning admin panel into Angular/Web API application and so on. The goal is to move project 100% MVC and eventually catch up with latest ASP.NET flavor, light, portable and cross-platform. Rebuilding widgets framework is another step in this direction.

In 3.3 most of the user controls were removed and all widgets replaced with Razor views. Because it was rewrite (almost) from scratch, some of the widgets were combined and others renamed for consistency. This makes new widgets incompatible with currently used. Auto update will completely remove custom/widgets folder and replace it with new. Then blogger can go to admin/custom/widgets and drag-and-drop desired widgets to the theme zones and customize them.

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ASPHostPortal comes with eight Windows ASP.NET hosting plan, and the prices start from $1.00/mo, normally. That certainly makes ASPHostPortal the cheapest BlogEngine.NET 3.3 hosting in the field. Moreover, if there is anything wrong, customers can cancel the service, and ask their full money back within the first 30 days, according to ASPHostPortal 30 Days Money Back Guarantee. – Expert Customer Support

Customer support is a backbone of any hosting company. Poor customer support can cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars. ASPHostPortal is known for good customer support. At ASPHostPortal you can get customer support by opening a ticket. If you’re active on twitter, you can also mention @ASPHostPortal with your problem and they’ll reply to your tweet as soon as possible. Apart from 24*7 customer support they have a well documented knowledge base that you can refer to solve your basic queries e.g. How to upload a website, how to create email accounts, how to install BlogEngine.NET, etc. – Plesk Control Panel

ASPHostPortal Windows Hosting comes with Plesk control panel. Plesk is best control panel to manage windows hosting. You can easily manage your server, email accounts with few clicks. You can instantly install over 100 applications on your website with just a few clicks. You can check everything about your website including disk space, traffic, logs & statistics and many more. – 99.99% Uptime Guarantee

Does ASPHostPortal really give 99.99% up time? The answer is yes. ASPHostPortal Windows Hosting servers are capable enough to make your website 99.99% available. ASPHostPortal has established a world-class infrastructure making it possible to guarantee such a high uptime percentage.  Of course there is always the possibility that some factor beyond the control of the ASPHostPortal Company will result in more downtime.  Fortunately, this does not occur too often.  Upgrades and maintenance downtime are acceptable and do not impact the uptime guarantee.