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PrestaShop is an open source eCommerce solution. It comes with a variety of tools necessary for building a successful online shop. To create an online store with PrestaShop you need reliable web hosting services.

Why You Should Use PrestaShop for Your Online Shop?

Being the backbone of e-commerce sites, you can build a good content management system to design an e-commerce platform which can enhance your online sales. Online stores platform are a complex integration of various services and features allowing the users to navigate, search for products, select products, make payments, select delivery options and then complete transactions.

To retain customers and convert users to customers, you need to offer flawless, smooth, fast and easily navigable e-commerce software. The software also needs to be robust so that uptime of the site is not affected. The Fluidity of design and responsiveness to mobiles are the another criteria that help to enhance customer satisfaction, product reach and sales. If you too are looking for all these criteria for your online store then you can go for PrestaShop.

Comprehensive Product Features

Businesses are meant to be grown, and the obvious route to growth is increasing in sales and to achieve this, you need to enhance your product portfolio. With PrestaShop, you can be rest assured that even as you grow from a couple of products to a range of products, your online store will handle the consequent increase in user activity.

The varied built-in features allow you to customize a wide range of modules and extensions. Proving a cherry on the cake, this helps to control the overall look and feel of your online store giving you the ease of working with the open source software. Nonetheless, PrestaShop certainly comes handy with a thousand of options in plug-ins and add-ons which enhances its functionality.

Smart Administrative Panel

Offering you a wide range of tools, PrestaShop helps you to run your store in a manner that proves beneficial for you. The cluttered administrative panel is an impressive feature known as a smooth and intuitive panel that helps you to master it in less time.

The dashboard comprises of tools which can manage and set up your catalogue and subsequently your store easily. Furthermore, the dashboard settings are well-laid out, stat driven, instinctive to use, graphs and counters centric and above all professional.

Search Engine Optimization

The efforts you put in can prove futile when customers won’t find your shop through the search engines. Even if you are providing a huge variety of products at your store with low prices and 24/7 support, it’s not going to attract customers online if it’s not digitally optimized.

Being optimized for various search engines like Google and Yahoo, PrestaShop offers you features like keyword tags, Meta information for products and categories, customized URLs and more which allows your store to reach a wide audience across the globe.

Website Builder

Even if you have no knowledge of building a website you can get a PrestaShop e-commerce site up and running for your store. The website builder offers plenty of options and opportunities with out-of-the-box themes so that you can invite customers as soon as you are launched.

It offers numerous options from themes to categories and extensions, including latest and premium responsive templates which can get you started with an eye-catching website.

Responsive to mobiles

When your site focuses on mobile devices or accessories, it makes sense that the site has to look as good on a mobile device as it does from a desktop. PrestaShop themes are responsive and ensure that your store looks fabulous despite the fact of how the site looks on a mobile or a desktop screen.

Users will be astonished with their chosen devices since the software offers you with the hamper of animation effects so that you could float into the shopping cart displaying every aspect your store has to offer as it progresses. There’s a huge collection of PrestaShop Store templates for your data and specifications, along with sliding panels and standees for distinctive products and offers. It is compatible and displays merchandise efficiently and smoothly across all devices.

Large Community

There is a large community of developers for PrestaShop open source software. Owing to this the users get a good support system to troubleshoot problems that may arise.

Since a couple of years after its launch, the popularity of PrestaShop has gained about more than 100,000 community members and 5 million downloads, used in 100 plus countries and yes – currently powering 165,000 online stores the world over!!

Integration with Most Popular Ecommerce Sites

The products listed in your site will be automatically listed in the most popular websites if you use the relevant add-on software. Moreover, due to the inventory tracking feature, you will be able to track the inventory of each product. This is very helpful in preventing overselling.

Payment Integration

With a very interesting feature of enabling multiple gateway options for online stores, PrestaShop makes it possible to handle and work as many payment gateways as you require for the success of your online store.

For a smooth customer experience, the checkout part must be exhaustive and efficient. In PrestaShop sites, customers can get a summary of their transactions before proceeding to validate the cart. The platform is integrated with a vast range of payment solutions and gateways. This helps in increasing the spread of customers across various geographical areas and credit/debit cards.

What are the new features in PrestaShop release?

PrestaShop is now available. This maintenance release fixes 44 regressions reported since the initial release. is available!

We suggest upgrading your shop quickly in order to benefit from these fixes. Of course, don’t forget to backup before.

Back office regressions

  • Stock page – If a product attribute contains a comma, it is not displayed
  • Dashboard page – Selecting a date range doesn’t work and causes a jquery error
  • Modules page – Cannot install any module when the employee language is Spanish
  • Performance page – Cannot change the settings in a single store context
  • Customer view page – The pagination of the voucher block is not working
  • SQL Manager page – SQL query return exception
  • Invoices page – Longer buttons overflow their container on lower resolutions
  • Localization Page – There is no confirmation modal when changing the default currency
  • View supplier page – Unexpected error
  • View customer page – Incorrect display of the address block
  • Add/edit tax rule page – The state and the postal code fields are not aligned
  • Add/edit category page – The browser is unable to show the error message on a hidden element
  • Add/edit country page – The address format is badly displayed
  • Add/edit customer group page – The “Category discount” part is misaligned
  • Add/edit attribute and add/edit social title pages – The language dropdown is not well displayed when resizing the window
  • Add/edit product page – When we try to delete all combinations, the warning modal is empty
  • Edit supplier page – Unable to save “meta_keywords” field
  • If using the multistore and while making a manual upgrade, a new line in ps_configuration is created for PS_VERSION_DB
  • In the Credit slip, the Ecotax is displayed in the Tax details while it shouldn’t

Orders regressions

  • Order details page – While adding a discount, the modal is not well displayed
  • Order details page – An exception is displayed when the status of the “merchandise return” is deleted
  • Order details page – The errors while deleting a product are not displayed
  • Order details page – Debug mode enabled – an exception is displayed when ordering a deleted product with a file customization
  • Orders – Cannot extend the order grid query from a module

Display regressions

  • Buttons are not well displayed – part 1
  • Buttons are not well displayed – part 2
  • Buttons are not well displayed – part 3
  • Floating button over some elements on migrated pages preventing to save form

Front office regressions

  • The problem when adding images with different ratio
  • After upgrade, the theme must be updated to be able to pay into the final step
  • Simple anchors don’t work on CMS page
  • The add to cart button is not working when clicking on the cart icon
  • Product disabled – An exception is displayed when changing combination or increasing/decreasing a quantity
  • Product comment structured data AggregateRating isn’t working
  • Shopping cart page – An exception is displayed when a product added to the cart is transformed from a simple product to a product with combinations
  • Product structured data JSON-LD problem when the price is not displayed
  • Search with semicolon gives no result. Search differs from earlier versions of find()
  • An exception is displayed when a product added to the cart is transformed from a simple product to a product with combinations

Display regressions

  • The product flags are displayed in the same row with no space
  • There is a horizontal scrollbar on the homepage under 991px and the carousel overflows the content
  • The search button in the header is not responsive on mobile
  • Featured product not well displayed with responsive

Module regressions

  • Bad display in auto-upgrade module
  • Ps_banner module fixed width and height value

Choosing PrestaShop v1.7.8.1 Hosting?

How to choose the Cheap European PrestaShop v1.7.8.1 hosting? Choosing the Cheap European PrestaShop v1.7.8.1 hosting is not a simple task especially with low price offers. You need to take a large number of factors into consideration, including the PrestaShop v1.7.8.1 compatibility, usability, features, speed, reliability, price, company reputation, etc. Therefore, we have established this PrestaShop v1.7.8.1 review site, which is designed to help you find the Cheap European PrestaShop v1.7.8.1 hosting within minutes, based on our specialized editors’ PrestaShop v1.7.8.1 hosting experience and real customers’ feedback.

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