Growth Hacking Tips – Mastering Email Marketing

Growth Hacking Tips – Mastering Email Marketing

Today’s marketing environment is noisy and crowded. It’s like standing in a packed ballroom where everyone is shouting at once.

The good news is we have many new techniques and tools available to promote our products and services. The bad news is the chaos and clutter get increasingly worse as more and more organizations adopt those tools.

Email marketing, proves time and time again to be one of the most effective avenues in digital marketing. Sure, there are countless arguments on whether or not email marketing is dying out, but rather than trying to convince you that email marketing is still ‘hip,’ I think that results and statistics speak for themselves, so let me give them to you.

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Streamline Your Subject Lines

Before you dive into detailed email marketing strategies, you first have to get people to open your emails. So, what is the first thing that your customers see in your email engagements? Subject lines. With the focus of re-engaging clients who haven’t followed through with received quotes, downloaded marketing materials, or have abandoned their carts, we want to look at what role subject lines play in the matter. Specific to your niche (according to Exact Target’s 2013 annual report,) subject lines with words like “profit,” “revenue,” and “money” had the highest performance. On the contrary, subject lines that used words like “asset,” “ROI,” and “industry,” had the worst performance rates.

Avoid Spam Filters

Spam filters work on a point system ini which the filters watch for certain keyword phrases and other elements that will accrue points every time they are found in your email campaigns. The higher the points, the more likely it is that the email will hit the spam box. This is where you have to be careful. While it is important to know which subject lines perform the best, it will not matter if the email doesn’t even hit their inbox. So, when you are creating your subject lines, take heed to what alerts spam filters. If you don’t, once your campaign reaches a certain number of points (spam score,) all emails go straight to junk folders. There isn’t a set number as all thresholds are dependent on different servers.

Engagement and Re-engagement

B2C businesses experience average 73% abandoned cart rate. Implementing strong re- engagement marketing campaigns may be the key factor that makes or breaks your existing and returning customer relationships.

Make Everything Mobile Friendly

Earlier, we stated that 23% of your emails are being read on mobile; nations like the US have higher percentages and the global average for those who read emails on mobile is currently at 47% and said to reach over 55-57% by the end of the year (according to Litmus and Econsultancy.) Their report on mobile email marketing also states that certain B2C brands see up to 70%+ of their emails being read on mobile devices.

Personalize, Segment and Target!

To enhance the effect of one-to-one communication in your email marketing, it is vital that you are using personalization. Salesforce states that personalized emails (with recipients first name,) can increase sales conversion rates by 15-25% and click through rates by 25-35%. They also conducted a survey in which 68% of marketers stated that they are going to use more personal messaging tactics in their email marketing.

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