Prestashop SEO Tips and Tricks To Get Higher Ranking

Find Profitable and Niche Keywords

Doing SEO is, like, you are in the battle. There are many competitors out there and your responsibilities are to make your site outstand from the crowd. In this battle, choosing profitable and niche keyword is crucial. Hence, you should sit down and spend time on searching keyword. If you are asking how you can find that keyword, Google Adwords( the keyword planner) is great tool. Simply enter or upload keywords how it works. You can find out how many searcher for those words and how competitive they are.

Write awesome Content

Once you found out niche and profitable keywords, simply you just need to write seo optimized articles/posts for those keywords. Please don’t forget to put keyword in your first paragraph, your article will get higher ranking easily.

Optimize your meta data for each page

For SEO tips, it will be a wise to to insert your keyword near the beginning of your title.

Another SEO tips: Don’t use numbers in your URL. Because in the future when you may expand or add more information, your number will be useless.

Maintain Posting frequency

As other SEO tips, it’s necessary to posting frequently. Maintaining post frequency has a positive impact on your site ranking. The reason is that search engine always love fresh and high quality content.

Hence, don’t forget to publish high quality post frequently. The more content you have, the better ranking your site get.

Avoid Duplicating Content

Although Google is not the only search engine on Internet, Good perform better and provided useful results. SEO is a crucial factors search engines. When I was checking some site, some website has duplicated content. This will impact your site ranking
Besides, there are below cases that could be prevented bu using URL Canonicalization properly

  • Different URL have the same same content
  • Have different ports
  • In case of having syndicated content
  • Separated mobile website which has same content but on different URL
  • URLs having HTTP and HTTPS URLs that leads to same content
  • When website has a www and a non-www version
  • Different categories and tags that lead to the same content

Take use of Social Media

In order to boost your SEO, you can follow these tips. It is believed to help you achieve more fruitful search results

  • Promote more in Google+
  • Optimize Your Content and Profiles on social networks
  • Publish Visual Media like photos and videos, to slideshows, graphs, and infographics
  • Make your content Sharable

Optimize OFF SEO Activities

Link Building is one of the most important methods of creating high quality backlink, increase your ranking and attract more visitors.
Here are some Off page SEO activities

  • Guest Blogging
  • Forums Posting
  • Commenting on niche related blogs
  • Increase social media engagement
  • Image Submission
  • Profile Link Creation
  • Video creating and Submission
  • Question and Answer on Answer Yahoo, Quora
  • Article Submission

Speed Up Your Website

As you can see Google considers Page Load Speed as one of ranking factors. Because load page deliver customer experience. Fast Load Page is not only good for SEO, it also increase conversion rate as well as revenue.

Use friendly URLs

Compared to other SEO tips, URL plays a crucial role in providing informative signals that Google search engines use to understand the content

There are some small tips to optimizing URL

  • Write readable URL
  • Add target keyword in URLs
  • Use Hyphens not underscore
  • No Capital Letter
  • Use Canonical URLs
  • Add mobile URLs to sitemap
  • Upload Favicon

Sitemap Generator XML

As you may know, sitemap is an XML file containing all of URLs. Sitemap is used to help the search engine crawlers follow the links on your site so that it won’t miss out on anything. It is necessary to create sitemap.xml for your Prestashop website.

Use schema markup

The next SEO tips is to use structured Data to mark up your content boost your traffic and rankings. In fact Schema markup is code that is inserted in your website so that the search engines can deliver more informative results

Mobile Friendly Site

Recently Google choose Mobile friendly as one of factors that influence on website ranking. If your website is optimized for SE already, there are some few things you need to do to optimize you site for mobile.

  • Don’t use pop-upsnor flash
  • Design for Touch screen
  • Don’t block CSS, JavaScript, or images
  • Use structured data
  • Integrate

Lastly, though there are not many SEO tips in this article; however, they are the most effective ones. If you follow these Prestashop SEO tips properly, you will see a considerable changes in your site.

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