Best and Cheap European SugarCRM 7.8 Hosting

Best and Cheap European SugarCRM 7.8 Hosting

SugarCRM is one of the best eCommerce CMS. With marketing and campaign management automation feature, it is why you should choose SugarCRM for your online store. Sugar is a complete CRM solution that automates your core sales, customer service and marketing processes, with a focus on the individual. Users get powerful functionality they’ll actually want to use, driving higher adoption and greater business insights. SugarCRM 7.8 gives every user – whether in sales, marketing, or support – the power to create extraordinary customer relationships. Now in this review, we will explain about SugarCRM 7.8 and our best and cheap SugarCRM 7.8 hosting recommendation.

Best and Cheap SugarCRM Hosting

Sugar’s open, flexible platform easily solves real business problems. From automating sales, marketing and customer support to creating a custom CRM application, they’ve got you covered.

What’s New in SugarCRM 7.8?

They have officially released version 7.8 for all commercial editions. They are pleased to announce that version 7.8 is now available for all commercial editions!

This release will significantly benefit customers running all commercial editions with following updates:

  • Calls and meetings now have expanded types of recurrence available, especially concerning monthly recurrences.
  • Users will now be alerted of call and meeting invitees who will not receive email invites due to empty or invalid email addresses in Sugar.
  • The start dates in the Calls, Meetings, and Tasks subpanels are now highlighted according to when their start date occurs.
  • Email addresses are now validated when composing emails from Sidecar modules (e.g. via Emails subpanel in Accounts module) in order to detect any invalid emails.
  • Users now have the ability to refresh the records displayed in list views and subpanels by clicking the Refresh button to the right of the search bar.
  • Revenue Line Items, Quoted Line Items, and Product Catalog records can now have quantities of zero and allow for manual entry of fields typically calculated based on a non-zero quantity.
  • Users can now view a history of changes to audited fields for task records.
  • The shortcut key now supports the use of “Command” for Macs.
  • Users can now customize the key combinations which trigger Sugar’s shortcuts via the Keyboard Shortcuts page.
  • Dependent field formulas controlling a field’s visibility are now respected when previewing records via the list view’s intelligence pane.
  • Bar charts can now display the total for grouped data in report chart dashlets.
  • Email addresses containing UTF-8 non-English characters may now be saved.

This release also includes the following updates for customers running their Enterprise and Ultimate Editions:

  • When enabled by administrators, users can leverage a record’s Teams field to grant viewing, editing, etc. permissions to users with specific role configurations.
  • Sugar’s business process management tool, Process Author, is now called “Advanced Workflow”.
  • Administrators now have the ability to disable the Processes module via Administration > Role Management.
  • For records involved in running processes, locked fields are now clearly marked with a lock icon in record view, and alerts have been added to enforce locked fields in list view and import.
  • The Settings pop-up for business rule action elements now uses a dropdown list with type-ahead functionality.

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Why You Should Use SugarCRM 7.8?

Low cost

If you decide to use the free version, you will only have to pay for the support and customization. Although it’s free, SugarCRM 7.8 still provides excellent and robust solutions for small and medium-sized business.

Rich features

There are 40 major development tools, which can be integrated to give your business a robust solution and meet your needs along with those of your customers. Think of a customer management tool and rest be assured that it comes with SugarCRM 7.8.


You don’t need high IT knowledge to run this application since it is easy to use and web-based solutions.

Easy to customize

There are some plug-ins those can be used to customize your website if you want your website to be unique as you desire.

Compatible with all platforms

 SugarCRM 7.8 can be used with different platforms including Windows, Linux, Mac or UNIX.