Cheap European PrestaShop v1.7.3.1 Hosting Provider

Cheap European PrestaShop v1.7.3.1 Hosting

PrestaShop is an open source eCommerce solution. It comes with a variety of tools necessary for building a successful online shop. To create an online store with PrestaShop you need reliable web hosting services.

What is New in PrestaShop v1.7.3.1?

- Back Office:
  - New feature:
    - #8849: Add User club and UserVoice on BO link footer
  - Improvement:
    - #8664: Change employee icon
    - #8500: Make sure shop list in header is scrollable with lot of items
    - #8780: Improve BO speed by removing menu images
    - #8725: Replace Google+ link on BO footer by Youtube link
  - Bug fix:
    - #8925: Stop generating RTL css file for the default theme using SASS
    - #8921: Fixed CDN management in Performance page
    - #8871: Improved rendering of combinations in Product page
    - #8779: Little css override for modal title
    - #8631: Request module zip for upgrade ONLY when the version available is higher
    - #8714: Update loaded details from database on module action
    - #8696: Fix translation issue during language install
    - #8648: Fix modal backdrop not removed when uninstalling a module
    - #8618: Fix type warning in order detail
    - #8525: "No tax" price option is now well saved in admin product page
    - #8476: Fix customer search in new order form
    - #8234: Fixed bug on save specific price priority for specific product
- Front Office:
  - Bug fix:
    - #8873: Fix contactform module issues
    - #8856: Fixed undefined variables when an url is called in ajax
    - #8847: Override advertising module on classic template to fix image width
    - #8845: Fix search bar on header when it moves from hook and improve header structure #2
    - #7775: Resolve incompatibility between canonical redirections, attributes and product route not only containing rewrite
    - #8846: Fix menu width and submenu hover on header
    - #8522: Fixed specific price percentage rounding on front product page
- Core:
  - Improvement:
    - #8867: Rely on the right legacy container if available on modules
    - #8584: Update toCamelCase
    - #8795: Minor improvements during install
  - Bug fix:
    - #8922: Fixed access to Front Office container from modules
    - #8766: Show unit price within a tax in order confirmation e-mail
    - #8607: Fix pack stock issues
    - #8711: Default AJAX Relevance search sort order is wrong
    - #8803: Stop full object exposure on the front end
    - #8708: Debug of Tools::strReplaceFirst that do not correctly compare the return of strpos + PhpDoc
    - #8498: Fixed bug on reorder with free gift in the cart
    - #8543: Layout broken by cache clear
    - #8669: Make sure all adresses are reset on cart
    - #8462: Fix empty module return on actionEmailSendBefore breaks all email send
    - #8277: CustomerAddressFormatter states were queried without the status (active) check causing disabling states in BO useless
- Installer:
  - Improvement:
    - #8860: Make the dezipper great again
    - #8806: Sample products in FA
  - Bug fix:
    - #8913: Fix issue with pack in fixtures (installer)
    - #8891: Fix dezipper redirect
    - #8858: Include docs when creating zip build
- Tests:
  - New feature:
    - #8812: Delete product
    - #8829: Add script for screenshot display on Travis
  - Improvement:
    - #8881: Check the pagination of product in the Front Office
    - #8898: Check generated combinations table
    - #8903: Add some fixes to the script
    - #8813: Check the product discount in the Front Office
    - #8805: Reset module Welcome if the RESUME button does not exist
    - #8878: Check the appearance of tinymce field on the product page
    - #8854: Check the change of the default combination from the edition page
    - #8819: Fix sort product script
    - #8810: Check the total price in the shopping cart
    - #8815: Re-enable functional tests
  - Bug fix:
    - #8842: Fixed Travis build (update Chrome browser version)
    - #8746: Make file copy on ModuleSelfConfiguration mockable

Choosing PrestaShop v1.7.3.1 Hosting?

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