Cheap Windows Dedicated Server Discount 50%!

Cheap Windows dedicated server hosting is the best form of hosting that is suitable for businesses that have set up a long-term goal for ensuring sustainability.

Cheap Windows dedicated server hosting is one of the hosting areas that business owners are happy to invest in. The reason is that some hosting patterns are not as strong as cheap Windows dedicated server hosting. Interestingly, several privileges cut across the use of cheap Windows dedicated server hosting, especially when your business has to contend with competition from all angles. In terms of service delivery, your business should be in line with the latest practices which can ensure sustainability. This is the reason why cheap Windows dedicated server hosting has a strong foot on how far your business can grow rapidly within a short period. Here are some of the usefulness of cheap Windows dedicated server hosting as explained below.

There is a possibility that you may want your business to have several domain names and extensions in order to cover areas that may be distant to your clients. With the right server in place, you can expand the capacity of your business without having to work with a single domain name. The reason is that your server has the capacity to accommodate other domain names while still providing quality business results.

Unlike shared servers, dedicated servers are designed, only to be managed by an administrator, a dedicated server doesn’t work this way. Business owners are given the liberty to explore several hosting dimensions that are soothing to the patterns of their businesses. If you are not satisfied with the former strategies you have adopted in your business, a dedicated server hosting allows you to make modifications to new strategies you think can promote your business further.

If you are into any form of business and you are considering hosting as a part of your business strategy, you should specifically opt for cheap dedicated servers. The reason is that you are able to get your business transactions processed on time, unlike when on a shared server which is sometimes slow. Your business dealings should use time optimally, and this is achievable when your visitors spend less time interacting with your website on a dedicated server.

When a business is hinged on the exploring the advantages of cheap Windows dedicated server hosting, there are little setbacks that may be experienced in the course of a business dealing. The reason is that dedicated servers provide cheap services with outstanding results in facilitating business growth.

Are you looking Windows dedicated cloud server with affordable price? As the leader of Windows ASP.NET hosting provider, ASPHostPortal offers the best, reliable and cheap Windows dedicated cloud server. Their Windows dedicated cloud server plan is starting from $18.00/mo only. This is the best price ever for a reliable Windows dedicated cloud server.

Why ASPHostPortal is The Best and Cheap Windows Dedicated Cloud Server Provider?

A Windows dedicated cloud server is the perfect solution for growing websites. ASPHostPortal’s Windows Cloud Servers provide scalability, redundancy, and flexibility. A Cloud Server allows you to start small, and scale resources as needed.

Safe and Reliable Windows Dedicated Cloud Server

High availability is built-in to the architecture of their cloud servers. This means any hardware can fail. Be it storage, compute or network components, without the cloud servers actually being impacted. Full redundancy is engineered into their cloud platform. Cloud servers are automatically moved to other hardware and hosts if anything fails, to ensure maximum safety and performance.

Expert Support Team

They provide 24/7 support via ticketing system for all urgent issues. This means that regardless of the time of day, you will always be helped by qualified support engineers. This ticketing support system is included free of charge for all their customers and partners. They believe that the reliability of your cloud servers should always be their highest priority and therefore they don’t charge for assisting you with any issue relating to their cloud infrastructure.


Their high availability, highly-redundant infrastructure comes with built-in redundancy. Utilize the benefits of having your cloud environments in multiple datacenters. Merger of snapshots won’t cause you downtime – meaning no need for a restart while a virtual machine is running. They’re disaster recovery-friendly and offer a 100% uptime SLA.

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