How To Find The Best DotNetNuke Hosting?

Open-source platform DotNetNuke (DNN) was created using Microsoft.Net technologies. One of the most often used content management systems for creating commercial websites is this one. A recent study found that more than 750,000 production websites are using DNN hosting. DNN offers tools for managing and producing many types of website content. You can choose built-in extensions, configure your own extensions, or both.

You must examine some hosting plan specifics while using the DotNetNuke framework to host a website. SQL Server 2005 or 2008, ASP.NET v1.1, v2, or v3.5, are the minimum website hosting prerequisites. Server Windows 2008 Net Framework. To support DNN capabilities, the website needs to meet these requirements. The SQL server size and disk space can be supported by the hosting plan you choose. You have adequate room for DNN installation on a website file system of 45MB or a database server of roughly 15MB.

Additionally, it’s crucial to confirm that installation on the root is part of your hosting package. You might want to consider it because it could be advantageous. Without it, you can’t operate a DotNetNuke website and enable full file rights. You can effectively manage the website thanks to it. Ensure that a dedicated application pool is a function offered by your hosting company. Your DNN site is divided from all other websites on the hosting server by the dedicated app pool. This function helps prevent problems on any other websites from having an impact on your DNN site.

The DotNetNuke hosting provider ought to provide complete customer assistance (24/7) via email, phone, and live chat. The last thing you should consider while assessing hosting companies is Full Trust. When using modules, the assistance of Full Trust silently simplifies the process. These are the things to consider while choosing the best hosting plan for a website.

Why Should You Use DotNetNuke Hosting?

  • DNN is developing for multi-users and support portals of unlimited parent-child configuration for root websites.
  • You can access a skinning feature for easier customization, isolating the website content from associated design files. Without knowing programming skills, you can maintain a user interface.
  • DNN core services can be widened with modules and offer customized functionalities. It has the potential to scale resources as business grows automatically.
  • The framework is allowing you to manage custom-made symbolic links and sharing a resource of the parent-child website.

Key Features of DNN Hosting

You may find hosting DotNetNuke on your website to be a great choice, particularly for small portals and big businesses. You have access to all the cutting-edge features, including user management, security, content management, web design, and management of blogs. The following list of rich features includes some of them:

Fully Extensible and Scalable

DNN offers enormous flexibility and scalability. With the help of the built-in capabilities, you may totally construct intranet and internet sites. You may manage all other websites while creating any web application by using its single installation content.

Emphasis on Security

DNN places a strong emphasis on security risks, encryption, bug reporting, and validation. It is among the safest platforms for website development. The firewall is supported by every dedicated hosting server to stop online threats. For even stronger security, it also offers Cisco firewall features including SQL server, HTTP, SSL, and FTP.

VPS Automated Backup

You could gain access to ongoing automated backups thanks to it. Your data is safe and recoverable thanks to the DNN backups even in the event of hardware failure or data loss.

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

Provides a 99.9% uptime guarantee for networks and servers it hosts. DNN is the best provider for supporting data centers and infrastructure at the enterprise level.

Remote Reboot Console

Each dedicated hosting server offers free KVM over IP and remote reboot. You can use it to diagnose software and hardware issues, or you can reset the server.

Free DNS Services

DNN offers free domain name system services. Free ISPConfig is offered for this control panel on Linux hosting servers. SolidCP, a free control panel, is available for Windows hosting servers.

Resons to Choose DNN Hosting Services

Regardless of whether you own a small or large business, selecting the ideal hosting plan is crucial. Your best option in this case may be hosting DNN. DNN Hosting offers a lot of advantages and features. It is the most adaptable platform that allows its users a wealth of built-in capabilities to administer and maintain their websites even if they lack technical expertise.

  • The installation and integration of DNN are pretty easy and comprehensive as there is the availability of many different DNN hosting packages with many versatile tools and support. By using these tools, you can easily configure and maintain the DNN website.
  • DNN allows easy administration of website as anyone can use and work with this platform. It is so simple and needs no programming skills. Users, as clients, can easily generate, publish, and supervise the content without using any technical skills.
  • DNN is also a great tool that is equipped with a lot of user-friendly features. In DNN, the website administrators, designers, content managers, and developers can comfortably manage the whole website at their ends.
  • DNN also helps a user to create and manage websites rich with useful content. It also helps in managing online communities that can also be accessed from any device.
  • DNN is a fully supported platform that has a full access Knowledgebase. It also has some built-in e-commerce solutions where you handle small business.

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