Why GoDaddy Add Unwanted JavaScript? And How to Stop It?

Web hosting provider GoDaddy is inserting JavaScript code into websites, which could slow down performance or break sites altogether.

A snippet of JavaScript code is being added to sites in order to use a technology called Real User Metrics (RUM).

All of GoDaddy’s US customers are unwittingly opted-in to using RUM, which allows the hosting provider to measure and track the performance of websites.

GoDaddy isn’t especially transparent about letting customers know about RUM, although it does offer a help document.

Data collected by RUM is used to improve GoDaddy’s systems and server configurations.

Most customers are not expected to be impacted by RUM, but websites involved in Google’s AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages Project) or with pages ending with multiple ending tags might be more susceptible to breaks or slow performance issues.

In other words, it provides no actual benefit to site owners. It’s more likely to have the exact opposite effect.

GoDaddy’s documentation states (emphasis mine):

“Most customers won’t experience issues when opted-in to RUM, but the javascript used may cause issues including slower site performance, or a broken/inoperable website.

If you’re using Google’s AMP, you have pages ending with multiple ending tags, or your site performance is slower, you may want to opt-out of RUM.”

Opting out of RUM is highly recommended, as unnecessary JavaScript can slow down a website’s loading time.

That means it could ultimately affect search rankings, as loading time is a known ranking signal.

How to Stop It?

If GoDaddy is your hosting provider, here’s how to opt out:

  • Access your cPanel hosting account by going logging in to your cPanel and clicking on your hosting account.
  • Click the three-dot menu button, and then click “Help us.”
  • Click “Opt out.”

The javascript snippet is immediately removed after opting out.

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